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Universal cultural competences as basic components in formation of personality of future physician

N.V. Kudryavaya, E.V. Anashkina, D.V. Valyaeva
80,00 Р

 N.V. Kudryavaya is doct. in Pedagogy, prof. E-mail:

E.V. Anashkina is senior lecturer; E-mail:

D.V. Valyaeva is cand. of Pedagogy,doc. E-mail:

Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry 

       Analyzed is little studied in scientific literature problem of formation in higher medical education of universal cultural competence as basis of future professional competence of physician. Universal cultural competences are representing basis of the model of graduate of medical high school. Besides, universal cultural competency is foundation for subsequent formation of professional competences of future physician, in fundament of which lies work of sub-faculty of pedagogy & psychology. This problem was presented on example of teaching the discipline of “Psychology and pedagogy” for medical specialties. The discipline “psychology and pedagogy” is solving dual task in the process of training of medical student, i.e., firstly, as universal educational discipline, training student in concrete scientific knowledge, and, secondly, as practical discipline in the sphere of medicine, solving the problem of personal development.

       Key words: culture, education, universal cultural competence, professional competence, breeding of students. 


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