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Impact of historical applied aspects of mathematics of formation of practical thinking of students of high schools

V.V. Bogun
80,00 Р

 V.V. Bogun is cand. of Pedagogy, doc. at

K.D. Ushinsky’s Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University 

       Examined are problems of applied orientation of mathematics from the point of view of carrying out trigonometric analysis of isosceles triangles and correct quadrangular pyramids. Corresponding analysis is carried out with application of software program maintenance for personal computer, developed by the author. Presented is description of application of received mathematical and information components and gold proportion to research of geometrical features of pyramids on examples of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Conclusion is made, that combining of knowledge of trigonometric dependences between linear elements in isosceles triangle and gold proportion with using of corresponding program maintenance enables to form in students of high schools necessary level of scientific practical thinking.

       Key words: practical thinking, trigonometric analysis, isosceles triangles, correct quadrangular pyramids, pyramids in Egypt, software maintenance. 


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