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Professional preparedness of officer to work with military staff, it’s essence and content

L.A. Zolotovskaya
80,00 Р

 L.A. Zolotovskaya is cand. of Philosophy, prof.

Military Technical University by Ministry of Defense of the RF


          Elaborated is definition of the result of training of officer at military school, evident in corresponding professional preparedness. Shown is that variety of duties of officer on work with military personnel in various arms of the service dictates the need for professional preparedness of specialist. Presented is model for professional preparedness of officer. Examined are both essence of preparedness of officer and it’s content. Conclusion is made, that professional preparedness presents itself as integral characteristic of officer’s personality, reflecting the level of formation and development in him of a number of professionally significant features, as to formation of moral psychological preparedness to paying of performance of duty by military personnel, as well as to solution of social problems of the named.

       Key words: model of professional training, preparedness of officer, components of preparedness, indicators. 


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