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Emotional security in family and intimate relationships. Problems of manipulation, blackmail and pressure

M.I. Rozenova
80,00 Р


M.I. Rozenova is doct. in Psychology, prof.

at Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities


          Analyzed is the problem of inter-personal relations in the system of valuable and family relationships. The author focuses attention on questions of emotional security in family and intimate relationships. Shown up are basic forms of inter-personal emotional communication of personality in significant and family relations. Revealed are psychological peculiarities of inter-personal manipulations and emotional pressure of blackmail. Elaborated are essential features, lines and mechanisms of emotional blackmail as to the personality. Defined are criteria and typological features, as well as shown are dynamics and symptom complex of emotional blackmail in human inter-action and relationships. Also revealed are consequences of surrender of personality under emotional pressure. Presented are the author’s recommendations about how personality could resist emotional blackmail and manipulations.

          Key words: inner peace, emotional, blackmail, family, relationships, pressure, manipulation, influence, fear, guilt, obligations, feelings, confusion. 


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