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V.V. Glinsky, O.A. Donskikh, E.V. Makaridina. Statistics versus myths from the sphere of education

А.В. Глинский, О.А. Донских, Е.В. Макаридина
80,00 ₽
V.V. Glinsky,
Doctor of Economics
O.A. Donskikh,
Doctor of Philosophy
PhD (Monash, Australia),
E.V. Makaridina,
Senior Lecturer of Statistics Department
Assistant Director of Postal Tuition Institution
Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management

History of development and recent state of higher professional education system in modern Russia is examined. Two statements are analyzed, i.e. necessity to reduce number of higher education institutes, and overproduction of scholars in humanities (including economists, jurists, and teachers of primary and secondary schools). It is demonstrated that these thesis are farfetched to a significant extent depending on the vagueness of the approaches to the problems in the sphere of education.

Key words: high professional education, market economy, life cycle, number of students, logistic curve


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