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A.O. Belous. Problem of personality and the State in Russian history. K.D. Kavelin on basic phases of Russian historic development

А.О. Белоус
80,00 ₽
Applicant for PhD
Cathedra of Philosophy
Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
K.D. Kavelin stands at the origins of the formation and development of Russian public school in the 19th century. The problem of personality takes center in it’s philosophical and historical constructions. The article identifies the principal subject of relationships between individuals and society in Russian history. As to Kavelin, he outlined main steps of Russia`s historical development — gender, identity, the State. It shows scientific controversies: K.D. Kavelin, westerners, and slavophiles; the State, estate, and personality; the State`s role in Russian history.
Key words: Russian history, Russian philosophy, westerners, slavophiles, the State historical school, the identity of the State