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A.V. Andreev. Development of civic qualities of students in a multicultural environment of modern economic university

А.В. Андреев
80,00 ₽
The Accistant of Pedagogics and Pedagogical Psychology Department
Director of Novocheboksarsk branch PEI HPE
«Institute of Economics,Management and Law (Kazan)»
Shown is the model of development of civil qualities of students in multicultural environment of modern economic university. One of the prioritydirection in educational work of modern educational institutions is the formation of civic qualities of personality.The most important condition of development of civil qualities of student is the multicultural environment. The author elaborated pedagogic model of development of civil qualities of students in a multicultural environment of economic university. Realized researches showed directions for educational work in promotion of civic qualities of contemporary students.
Key words: civil qualities,civicism, civil education,multicultural environment of University, pedagogic model


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