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V.V. Komarov, N.I. Litvina, N.E. Kasumov, T.V. Kalinina. World economic outlook 2011

V.V. Komarov , N.I. Litvina, Н.Э. Касумов, Т.В. Калинина
80,00 ₽
V. Komarov,
PhD in Economics


N. Litvina,
PhD in Economics


N.E. Kasumov,
PhD in Economics
The Associate Professor
T.V. Kalinina,
PhD in Economics
The Associate Professor

Russian State Agrarian University (Balashikha)


Outlined the dynamics of growth prospects and regional trends in the global economy. Also the problem of recovery of the CIS countries explored.

Key words: world economy, regional trends, prospects, financial crisis, economic growth, CIS, debt, employment, instability, risks, regulatory mechanisms

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