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System approach to post-graduate students’ preparation in higher education: the branch of Pedagogics

S.V. Sergeeva, O.A. Voskrekasenko
80,00 Р


S.V. Sergeeva,
A Doctor of Science (pedagogy), professor,
The head of « The Pedagogy and Psychology of the Higher School Department»
Penza State Technological Academy
O.A. Voskrekasenko,
A candidate of Science (pedagogy), senior lecturer,
«The Pedagogy Department»
Penza State Pedagogical University
System of the post-graduate students’ preparation in higher education on pedagogical specialities 13.00.01 «General pedagogics, the history of pedagogics and education» and 13.00.08 «Theory and methods of vocational training» is presented by the authors. Special attention is given to characteristics of basic directions, content and organizational forms of post-graduate students’ preparation on each of the stages underlined by the authors, and also to pedagogical conditions defining it’s efficiency.
Key words: post-graduate students’ preparation, higher education, system approach to post-graduate students’ preparation.
1. Piterskova T. A. The formation and development of Germany higher school didactics centers (the end of the 60s of the ХХ century – the beginning of the ХХI century): the author's abstract of a candidate of Science (pedagogy) – Penza, 2010.
2. Sergeeva S.V. Voskrekasenko O. A. The pedagogical support model of the first-year students’ adaptation to the educational process of the technical profile higher school //The news of higher educational institutions. The Volga region. The humanities. – 2010. – № 1 (13). – PP. 152–159.
3. Sergeeva S. V, Voskrekasenko O. A. The dissertational research features on the basis of the skilled-experimental work organization // The Vocational Training Academy. 2008. № 2. PP. 33 – 39.
4. Pedagogics: the program for post-graduate students on specialities: 13.00.01 – the General pedagogics, pedagogics and education history, 13.00.08 – The vocational training theory and methodology / the authors: S. V. Sergeeva, O.A. Voskrekasenko. – Penza: Penza State Technological Academy Publishing House., 2011. – 64 pp. 
 5. The methods of preparing and defending a thesis for the degree of the candidate of pedagogical sciences: a science textbook for graduate students and applicants / V.B.Moiseyev, V.V.Polukarov, V.V.Usmanov, S. V.Sergeeva, L.Ju.Bolikova, O.A.Voskrekasenko. – Penza: Publishing house Penz. гос. технол. акад., 2009. – 114 pp.