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M.A. Fedotova, T.V. Tazikhina, S.Yu. Bogatyriov. Global network as medium for spreading of educational services

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Marina A. Fedotova,
doctor of economic sciences,
 professor, head of the Valuation and Property Management Chair
Tazihina Tatiana,
Ph.D., professor, deputy head of the Valuation and Property Management Chair
Bogatyrev Semon Yurievich,
Ph.D., assistant professor of Valuation and Property Management Chair
The Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation,
Shown are methods to widely adaptation of Internet technologies to the course “Evaluation of business”. Primary tasks in promotion of educational quality as well as methods for their solution are defined. Description of technologic educational communicative complex is done, also results of it’s practical adaptation are shown. Prospects for it’s future spreading are revealed.
Key words: competence orientation of educational programs, spreading of educational services, socially oriented communicative systems, technologic educational product, high technologic educational complex, system for guaranteeing quality of education
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