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Innovation cluster as a basis for modernization of regional systems of education, politics, economics & business

I.N. Efimova
80,00 Р


PhD in Sociology,
Deputy director of the department of public relations
Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod
Formation and development problems of a new model of innovation-based economy, education and business, i.e. regional science and innovation clusters, are discussed in the article. Place, role and functions of cluster components, i.e. regional authorities, universities, enterprises, business structures, etc., are identified. Demonstrated is, that activity of clusters would allow to create conditions for development of various sectors of economy and social sphere with respect to competitive advantages of each region both at the federal and regional levels.
Key words: regional cluster, innovations, institution of higher education, government, companies, business structures, networks, politics, national university.
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