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V.M. Bekhterev’s heritage in the context of history of ontopsychology in Russia

I.V. Sidorchuk
80,00 Р


The article’s subject is the role of scientific heritage of well known doctor, neuropathologist and psychologist V.M. Bekhterev as applied to history of development in Russia A. Meneghetti's ontopsychology. Bekhterev’s research works in many aspects paved the way to Russian humanities for assumption of Meneghetti’s ontopsychologic ideas. By all differences between their views and scientific approaches, conditioned be historic and social- and political factors, lots of both researchers’ ideas are evidently in correlation between themselves. On the bases of comparative study of their works, the author put forward and analyzed the phenomenon of proximity between scientific views of both scientists.
Key words: ontopsychology, A. Meneghetti, V.M. Bekhterev, history of psychology, interdisciplinary synthesis, reflexology