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On the problem of human’s life extension in the context of ontopsychological knowledge

A.S. Sapun
80,00 Р


Within the framework of anthropocentric concept, i.e. ontopsychology, developed by Antonio Meneghetti, the author examined the problem of human’s life extension. Shown are biological aspects of human’s ageing within the framework of the theory of epigenetic rejuvenation, based on an analysis of materials of biogerontology, evolutionary biology, molecular epigenetics, neurobiology and applied psychology. The author’s conclusion is that methodology of ontopsychotherapy might be a source of effective rejuvenescent psychological methods.
Key words: life extension, ontopsychology, authentic being (In?se), Meneghetti's constant, biologic ageing, epigenetic rejuvenation, DNA-methylation, telomeric repeats, Ukhtomsky’s dominant, developmental dominant of consciousness, developmental meditation