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Ya.S.Artamonova, K.V. Bezchasny. Information threats for modern society. Socio- and psychological aspect

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candidate of sociological science, Assistant professor of «Political Economy and Political Science» department,
Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics
K.V. Bezchasny
candidate of medicalscience,psychiatrist.
Health Partof the Ministry ofInternal Affairsof Russia in Moscow, policlinic № 3.
The article deals with main information threats for modern Russian society. Analyzed are information flows, considered as a tool destroying the mechanism of information security of Russian society. Problem of information flows’ influence on the society’s system condition is explained.
Key words: information security, information threats, information flows, rights and freedoms of citizens, culture, counterculture, moral- and political climate, interiorization of cultural and value models.



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