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Fee-paying higher education in Russia: it’s history & modern tendencies

O.L. Vorozheykina, Victoria F. Pugach
80,00 Р


Victoria F. Pugach,
Chief Researcher
Olga L. Vorozheykina,
Senior Lecturer
Institute for Higher Education Quality National Research Technological University (Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys)
The article considers situation with fee-paying higher education in Russia. Presented is retrospective of fee-paying and free higher education during the Soviet period, as well as dynamics of fee-paying education development in the post-Soviet period shown. Comparative analysis of support forms for students in Russia and in some foreign countries is also introduced.
Key words: finance sources, public universities, non-public higher education institutions, budgetary basis students, students with a full recovery of education expenses, consumer prices for education in universities, tuition fees in higher education institutions.
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