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Educational technologies and methods in high school. Example of the USA and some European countries

Elina Elena G., M.A. Friesen
80,00 Р


Elena Elina
Doctor of Philology,
Professor of Literary Studies and Journalism,
vice-rector for educational and didactical work,
Saratov State University
Marina Friesen
Master of linguistics and media education
,language teacher and international business communication trainer
TRI: linguistic services
Hanover, Germany
Brief analysis of educational technologies that are common for academic education in the West is presented. Given is comparative definition of “educational technologies”, followed by a description of educational methods in some universities. Also the role of educational technologies in academic didactics in general is revealed.
Key words: educational technologies, didactics of higher education, top rated universities, computerised education, general and specific educational methods, accompanied and unaccompanied cognition process, individual learning process
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