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On the problem of inculcation of competent-orientated plan of education in a medical high school

И.А. Серова, А.Ю. Ягодина
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Serova Irina,
PhD, professor of the chamber of the philosophy and bioethics of the State educational establishment of higher professional education “Perm State Academy of Medicine named after Academician E.A.Wagner of Federal Agency of Public Health and Social Development”
Yagodina Anna,
PhD, MD, infectious disease specialist, tutor of the State educational institution of additional professional education «Perm regional professional development centre for healthcare specialists»
One of variants of formation of medical high schools’ mission in Russia is elaborated by the authors, as well as matrix of key competencies and materials for route of their realisation in theoretical, humanitarian and clinical blocks of medical education presented. Some results of self-appraisals of professionally important qualities of the doctor by post-graduates of the E.A. Vagner PSMA are also analysed. The authors propose some methods to overcome complex of incompetency in young specialists.
Key words: mission of medical high school, matrix of competencies, route of competencies, growth of competencies, complex of incompetency.
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