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On efficiency in activity of heads of educational institutions

S.D. Reznik, Е.Р. Емельянова
80,00 Р


S. D. Reznik,
honored worker of a science of the Russian Federation,
prof., director of institute of economy and management,
Penza state university of architecture and construction,
E.R. Emelianova,
 teacher, economy and management chair,
Sterlitamaksky branch of the Bashkir state university,
Conditions, promoting development of administrative managerial potential of head of educational institution are analyzed. The analysis of elements of that potential is carried out, and also revealed, which of them are created at insufficient level, that reduces efficiency of administrative managerial activity, and which are present influencing positively, promoting professional self-improvement and personality self-realization.
Key words: organization of personal labor, planning, workplace, resource, reserve.