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Problem-oriented control of knowledge in a creative pedagogy

В.Н. Незамайкин, И.Л. Юрзинова
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Nezamaikin Valeriy N.,
Doctor of Science (Economics), professor of Department of Financial Management,
Yurzinova Irina. L.,
Doctor of Science (Economics), professor of Department of Financial Management,
Financial University under Government of the Russian Federation
Analyzed are tendencies of changes in requirements for graduates of universities, in applied examination systems, and their advantages and defects, as well as possibilities of introduction of problem-oriented form of examination control, that corresponds with modern paradigm of higher education. Some examples of problem-oriented examination question-papers’ construction for students, training in direction “Economy” and “Management”, are presented.
Key words: project activity, administrative decisions, final test control, professional competencies, decision of non-standard tasks, problem-oriented approach to exams.
1. Teacher is the main figure in the implementation of an innovative system of education: Monograph / edited by M.A. Eskindarov, B.M.Smitienko, S.M. Ermakov – Moscow, Financial University, 2011