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On university’s managerial structure in the system of quality management

L.S. Grinkrug, M.S. Antonova, O.S. Lebedeva, V.S. Vasilenko
80,00 ₽


Ph.D., Rector
M.S. Antonova,
Ph.D., deputy head of the department for certification and quality managment
O.S. Lebedeva,
engeneer of the department for certification and quality managment
V.S. Vasilenko,
head of the department for science and innovations
            Analyzed are types of managerial structures in higher institution within quality management system. Structural scheme of university management in quality system with description of functional interaction between elements of the structure in accordance with requirements and recommendations of quality regulations are proposed.
            Key words: university management, quality management system, managerial structure, quality of education
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