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Videofilms as element of application of telecommunication technologies in educational process at clinical subfaculty

I.V. Andryushtchenko, E.V. Malinina
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Irina V. Andrushenko,
 candidate of medical sciences, chair of reader of the hospital therapy and phthisiopulmonology of the Vladivostok state medical university, Vladivostok.
 Elena V. Malinina
 assistant of chair of the hospital therapy and phthisiopulmonology of the Vladivostok state medical university, Vladivostok
            Shown is possibility of significant addition to traditional methods of education in higher institution by innovational methods, in particular by videofilms, introducing of which in educational process enable to raise cognitive activity of students, improve mastering quality of studied material, as well as develop clinical thinking, and as final result to open perspectives to develop and perfect educational technologies.
            Key words: videofilms and their fragments, educational process, clinical sub-faculty, innovational technologies in education
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