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Lack of knowledges in modern information society

V.G. Kovalev
80,00 Р


Vladislav Grigoryevich Kovalev,
Phd (Education),
head of the department of fundamental research at RSSU AISR, a
ssociate professor of the department of advertising and design at RSSU.
On debatable and even provocative bases, the author questions traditional views on so-called “information” society, as well as debunks a number of well-established myths. Raised is a number of questins, i.e. how much informational “information” society is, what is meant by the term of “information” in the context of “society”, who or what is the carrier of information, what are functions of information in modern post-industrial society, in what way educational sphere is being transformed, and which segment of information processes is actually developed and which fragments of them reduced. Immediate tasks to investigate the role of information in modern society are also elaborated.
Key words: information, knowledges, “third sector”, social limitations, lowering selection, outward expansion of a person, alienation
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