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Breeding of civil personality as a function of cadet education in modern Russia

Yu.R. Hairullina, M.R. Ramazanov
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Yuldus R. Hayrullina,
C.S.O., Doctor of Sociological Sciences,
Center of Advanced Economic Research Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan,
Marat R. Ramazanov,
postgraduate student, Center of Advanced Economic Research Academy of Sciences
 of the Republic of Tatarstan
Analysis of the phenomena of civic consciousness as important quality, aimed at assisting of personal development and social positioning in modern conditions is presented by the authors. Breeding of a person as citizen and patriot is actual social neeed and strategic priority today. System of cadet education is a social institution, carrying out the named function. At the same time, contradictions in this system create number of barriers in the way of breeding of civil personality.
Key words: cadet school, system of cadet education, social institution, civic consciousness, civil personality, social activity of cadets
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