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H. Bergson and G. Deleuze in the context of aesthetic analysis of cinematography

I.D. Verikhov
80,00 Р


Ivan D. Verikhov
Postgraduate student,
Faculty of Philosophy,
Department of History of Philosophy.
St. Petersburg State University,
Traced back is influence of H. Bergson’s thought on formation of views of French philosopher of the 20th century G. Deleuze. Investigated is key role that Bergson’s epistemology and doctrine of duration played in forming of a project of philosophy of the cinema. The article conclusions are confirmed by textual analysis of H. Bergson’s work “Creative Evolution” and G. Deleuze’s fundamental research “The Cinema”.
Key words: Deleuze, Bergson, time, duration, cinematography, intellect, Zeno’s paradoxes, image-time
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