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Social and economic develop-ment of countries and quality of higher education: comparison on the basis of rating estimations

G.I. Lazarev, V.V. Kryukov, V.O. Karpova
80,00 ₽
Gennadiy I. Lazarev,
 professor, VSUES rector
Vladimir V.Kryukov,
professor, VSUES vice-rector
Valerya O.Karpova,

researcher, VSUES laboratory of university management

Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES)


Examined is influence of some social and economic characteristics of national economics on competetiveness of systems of higher education. Comparing ratings of higher schools and level of regional development in the RF, the authors make a conclusion about influence of uneven development of Russian territories on leavers’ choise for a high school. Comparison of international social and economic ratings and high schools’ ratings opens ground to assert about influence of external environment factors on high schools’ attractiveness for both students and professors, and in the end on their competitiveness in international ratings.

Key words: social and economic ratings of coutries, quality of external environment, regional development, quality of higher education, universities’ ratings, unified state examination.


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