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Criterion function of conceptual information assimilation

S.A. Safontsev, N.Yu. Safontseva
80,00 ₽

      Safontsev Sergey Aleksandrovich,

doctor of pedagogical sciences,

 professor of chair of psychology and pedagogic of the highest education

Southern Federal university
Safontseva Natalia Yurevna,

 doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of chair of pedagogic

 Southern federal university

Comparative analysis of classical and post-industrial education on the basis of general theory of systems is presented. Considered are priciples for developing of uncertainty situations for didactic provision of educational modules tacking into account of regularities of behavior psychology. Criterion function of conceptual assimilation of information by means of problem cluster of educational module is determined, that allows to register reliability of educational system.

Key words: system, construct, criterion function, educational module, situations of uncertainty, problem cluster.


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