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On the problem of “double message” in corporate management, administration reckoning and communicationsof a company in the process of decision making

S.A. Tikhomirov
80,00 ₽
Tikhomirov S.А.
 Candidate of Science (Philological Sciences),

Doctoral candidate of the Department of Russian language

The Moscow pedagogical state University


Disclosed are some peculiarities of the phenomena of “double message” in corporate management, administration reckoning and communications from standpoint of processes of translation (receipt and transmission) of strategical, tactical and operational management information, incl. addressee and sender (object and subject) of that information, destructuring managerial activity and providing the reality of management with new, unadequate for environment of the subject of management senses and meanings.

Key words: double message, corporate management, administration reckoning, communication, company, process, making, decision.


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