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Russian youngsters’ evaluation of the role of higher educa-tion in the process of formation of competitive labor resource

V.A. Gnevasheva
80,00 Р

      Vera A. Gnevasheva

Dr. Sc. (economics), assistant professor,

associate member of International Academy of Science (IAS)

Head of the Center of Youth Sociology

Institute for the Fundamental and Applied Research Moscow University for the Humanities,

 assistant professor of the Management department of the University for the Humanities.



Detailed analysis of transformation process of Russian HPE system in recent years is presented. Special attention is attracted to development of non-governmental HPE system, expansion of paid education and spectrum of educational services on paid basis, incl. state universities, as well as to appearance of new specialities, and introduction of many-levelled system of higher education.

Key words: higher professional education, quality of labor reserve, economy of knowledges, human capital, globalization.