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On social and class responsibility of business

G.K. Ovchinnikov
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             German K. Ovchinnikov

Doctor of philosophy, professor
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

“Alma mater”scientific journal  (Vestnik Vysshey Shkoly) 


Some peculiarities in development of research thought on corporate social responsibility, or CSR, are elaborated. The named, representing outwardly traditional philantrophy, constitutes in itself none other than particular form of investments of corporations in development of human capital. The author states that CSR in it’s concrete-empirical form represents only a part of general social responsibility of business, or GSRB. Also interpolated is the meaning of levels of GSRB, i.e. class, national, and civilization. Elaborated is the essence of social responsibility of business in the aspect of fundamental features of the class, illustrated by means of an example of Marx’s methodology. Also characterized are basic features of the named responsibility of Business.

Key words: corporation, corporate social responsibility, business as a class, property, basic means of production, social responsibility of business.