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Distributed education and education within the context of modern educational paradigm

G.N. Boychenko, L.I. Kundozerova
80,00 Р

Galina N. Boychenko,

 Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, docent,

assistant professor of the theory and methods of teaching of computer science


Kuzbass State Pedagogigal Academy, Novokuznetsk



Liudmila I. Kundozerova,

Doctor of Education, professor,

professor of humanitarian, social, economic and natural science disciplines

Kuzbass Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, Novokuznetsk



Within the context of modern educational paradigm actual model of distributed education is presented, covering formal, nonformal and informal forms of educa-tion. Characterized are levels, organizational forms and attributes of distributed education, and also conceptual system, as well as methodological basics of dis-tributed education theory are described. Key problems in the process of realiza-tion of distributed educational process are formulated.

Key words: educational paradigm, distributed education, distributed education theory, distributed cognition.



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