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Content of management model for scientific and research activity of students

V.A. Stepashko
80,00 Р


Stepashko Vladimir Alekseyevich,

Candidate of Sciences in Pedagogy, associate professor,

Kiev Slavonic University,

associate professor of Psychology and Humanities Department of Kiev Slavonic University



Model as an effective tool for interpretation of scientific research results is ana-lyzed. Elaborated is scientifically grounded model of management system for sci-entific and research activity of students, i.e. NIDS. Content of functions and tasks, realizing by subjects on tributary levels of NIDS management, is disclosed.

Key words: model of management sustem, scientific and research activity, subjects of management, functions of management, monitoring.



 Maslov, V.I. Modelation of pedagogic systems: contents & technology // Post-graduate education in the Ukraine. — 2013. — No. 1. — P. 6—13.