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New forms of organization for both educational process and planning of teacher’s workload

S.A. Piyavsky, V.V. Voroshilov, M.N. Elunin, G.P. Savelyeva
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Semen A. Piyavsky,

Doctor of technical science, professor


Vitaly V. Voroshilov,

PhD student


Matvey N. Elunin,

PhD student


Samara state university of architecture and civil engineering

Galina P. Saveleva

Candidate of technical science, associate professor

National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" (MISIS)



Examined are new forms of students’ independent work management under conditions of developed info-communication environment. Also substantiated are standards for normative calculation of teachers’ workload, lecturing in the named forms of educational process.

Key words: student’s independent work, management, lecturer, normative calculation, teaching workload, info-communication technologies.



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