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Organization and improvement of educational process at forest engineering faculty of Petrozavodsk state university within framework of international cooperation

V.M. Lukashevich, Yu.V. Sukhanov, V.K. Katarov, A.N. Pekkoev
80,00 ₽


Lukashevich Victor Mihailovich,

Ph.D., associate professor

Petrozavodsk State University



Suhanov Yury Vladimirovich,

senior lecturer

Petrozavodsk State University



Pekkoev Alexey Nikolaevich,

Ph.D., research

Forest Research Institute of the Karelian Research Centre of RAS



Katarov Vasily Kuzmich,

Ph.D., аssociate professor

Petrozavodsk State University



Presented is information concerning international cooperation of forest engineering faculty of Petrozavodsk state university in the sphere of improving quality of education and it’s results during realization of scientific project of “New cross-border solutions for intensification of forestry and increasing energy wood use”. Also provided is an example of organization of educational process, using passive, active and interactive methods of training for the course of “Forest tending. Tending felling”.

Key words: educational process, methods of education, international cooperation, transfer of technologies, quality of education.



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