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Nature of theoretical abstractions in science: the problem of their objectivation

Khmelevskaya Svetlana Anatolievna, M.G. Kosov, G.D. Volkova
80,00 Р


Khmelevskaya Svetlana Anatolievna

The doctor of Philosophy, professor of the department of philosophy of natural faculties

Lomonosov Moscow State University



Kosov Michael Georgievich

The doctor of Engineering, professor of the department «Automated information processing systems and managements»

«Moscow State University of Technology «STANKIN».



Volkova Galina Dmitrievna

The doctor of Engineering, professor of the  department «Information technologies and computing systems»

«Moscow State University of Technology «STANKIN»


Examined are both instrumentalist and essentialist approaches to justifying of the need for theoretical abstractions in science, and also complexity and diversity of such abstractions as applied to empirical reality is shown. Substantiated is the necessity of introducing of interpretative proposals in science.

Key words: theoretical abstractions, empirical level of science, theoretical level og science, interpretative proposals, idealization, productive imagination.




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