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Innovators and intellectual creative mechanisms for improvement of their activity

I.A. Halitsa
80,00 ₽


Ihor Halytsia,

doctor of economic sciences, professor,

academic of the Ukrainian Academy of Technology

Head of the department of management companies of the tourism industry Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law,

Scientific Advisor on innovative issues

of the International Association of Economic Law,


Examined is the role of innovators under modern conditions with elaboration of their classification and the essence of information and innovation provision of competitiveness. Examined are problems of management of intra-economic intellectual innovation elites, described are fundamental principles of their management. Also revealed are basic advantages of the named elites as intellectual creative mechanism for stimulation of innovators’ activity.

Key words: innovator, information and innovation vector of competitiveness, intra-economic intellectual innovative elites, mechanism of management of intra-economic intellectual innovative elites.



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