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Formation of health culture as valid factor of students’ socialization

M.S. Antonova, O.V. Bukhovtseva
80,00 Р

 Antonova Marina S.

PhD, associate professor


Buhovtseva Olga V.



Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Sholom-Aleichem Priamursky State University"


Analysed are specifity of students age, value of health culture for students’ youth, components of health culture, as well as factors lowering the level of students’ health. Also analysed is the process of primary socialization at a high school as risk factor for health of students. Presented are results of students’ questionnaire as to determination of influence of formation of health culture on the level of their socialization.

Key words: healthy way of life, culture of health, risk factor, socialization of students, socialization process.



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