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Factors of professional choice by medicine specialization as to opinions of practical surgeons

M.Yu. Gaykina, E.Yu. Vasilyeva
80,00 Р


M.Yu. Gaykina
Teacher, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology,           
E.Yu. Vasilyeva,
Doctor of pedagogy, associate professor
Chief, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology,
Northern State Medical University
Accentuated is the problem of examining factors as to the choice of medical specialization by students at medical high schools in the context of cadres’ aspect in practical public health care of the RF at present stage. Also systematized are reasons, for which modern students don’t intend to choose surgeons specialties as to training at both intern and clinical studies/
     Key words: factor, professional choice, medical specialty, surgeon specialty, intern studies, clinical studies, students, medical high school, content analysis, evaluation.
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