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Administrative “modern” as next in turn crisis of higher education (on materials of sociological research)

L.N. Kurbatova
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Ljudmila N. Kurbatova

Candidate of the sociological sciences,

the senior lecturer of the chair of sociology and political science,

manager of the laboratory of sociological problems of the higher education of

the Perm National Research Polytechnical University.


Analyzed are subjects of educational relations as to active influence on politics of high school, particularly to the model of it’s management. Substantiated is the thesis that under conditions of globalization of educational process higher education today turns out of jurisdiction of fully formed model of management. The named one is now in need of new formal and conceptual paradigm of education, and so of a new model of management. 

Key words: system of administration of high school, model of administration, subjects of educational relations, high school as innovative educational organization, quality of education, reform in education