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Russian sociologists: sociological analysis of profession’s coming into being

S.L. Talanov
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S. L. Talanov

Ph.D. (Candidate) of Sociological Sciences,

Associate professor

Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University



Presented is sociological analysis of profession of sociologist’s coming into being in Russia. Conclusion is made, that nowadays sociologists are perceived as professionals, what is conditioned by both length of mastering and complexity of their profession, as well as active backing by state.

Key words: sociologists, professional associations, sociological high schools and faculties, Russian society of sociologists.



Talanov, S.L. Placing in a job of high schools’ graduates as criteria for evaluation of effectiveness of their activity // Alma mater (Vestnik vysshei shkoly). — 2014. — No. 3. — P. 35-39.