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Learning management systems as factor of raising competitiveness of Russian high school

I.A. Aidrous, R.R. Asmyatullin
80,00 ₽

I.A. Aidrous is cand. of science (Economics)


R.R. Asmyatullin is post-graduate student


Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


Examined are learning management systems as factor of raising competiveness of Russian high schools. Nowadays tempos of development of world economy and society as a whole make raising demands on the process of training of cadres. Using of new technologies in education opens possibility of taking into account of the named tendencies. The authors examined possibilities for introduction of learning management systems (LMS) as effective instrument, mostly adequate corresponding to changes in society. Outlined are advantages of using of technologies of distant and electronic education as to students and educational institutions. LMS systems give opportunity for Russian high schools to raise quality of education and to strengthen positive educational image, as well as to guarantee making additional possibilities for international activity.

Key words: distant education, learning management system, LMS.