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Approaches to cultural investigations of the XIX-XX centuries

N.N. Ravochkin
80,00 Р


N.N. Ravochkin is post-graduate student

Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts


 Analyzed is the phenomenon of civilization culture. Shown is that culture of any civilization develops gradually with the accumulation of social experience of living together and activity under influence of taken into account specific conditions of place and historical fate of a collective, what determined are by regional and historical identity of culture of one or another nation. Substantial part of cultural processes are going in communities more or less spontaneously within frames of collective everyday life. Today extensive scientific, educational and methodological basis for study of problems of cultural studies is formed. In modern science available are diversity of interpretations, approaches and methodologies (signs and symbols, semiotic interpretations of culture, historical-materialist theory of culture, so-called «virtual dialogue» and others), as well as interpretations of culture in the context of post-modernism. The article deals with analyzing of the problem of formation of the concept of “civilization” in doctrines on culture of adepts of cultural approach, as to which content of the meaning of “civilization” is applied within the context of socio-cultural development of mankind.

Key words: civilization, primitive societies, socio-cultural type, cyclical development, culture. 


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