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Youth policy in Russia: tendencies and prospects

L.А. Gegel, E.O. Kazakova
80,00 Р

L.А. Gegel is doctor of sociology, professor,


E.O. Kazakova is assistant at sub-faculty


MATI — K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s Russian State Technological University


Presented is an analytical prognosis for possible ways of development of youth policy in the Russian Federation. Determined is modern stage of youth policy in the RF, as well as it’s central task and strategic aims of realization are elaborated. Examined are basic mechanisms of adaptation of youth policy to changing socio-economic and socio-cultural conditions of nowadays Russian society. Analyzed is present infra-structure of youth policy with elaboration of both tendencies and prospects of it’s realization. The authors’ special attention is accentuated on today’s existing potential of the named sphere of social policy in the RF, as well as on negative moments during it’s realization. Exposed are some instruments for raising of effectiveness of youth policy in Russia. Also presented is comparative analysis of system approach to solving youth problems in a number of European countries.

Key words: youth policy, social partnership, potential of youth, youth culture, social reproduction, forecasting, extrapolation.



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