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The concept of libertarianism in political philosophy

D.A. Kudryavtsev
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UDC 141

DOI 10.20339/AM.11-23.099


Danila A. Kudryavtsev, 4th year Bachelor’s degree student of Political Science (Russian Politics) at Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafiev, e-mail:


The article is devoted to libertarian philosophy and the problem associated with the identification of the essential features and theoretical provisions of this philosophy. An attempt has been made to analyze and compare different perspectives of libertarianism researchers on understanding the concept of libertarianism. The need for such a study is due to the fact that in the domestic research scientific sphere there are no works that would attempt a comprehensive disclosure of the content of the concept of “libertarianism” and the main provisions of this philosophy. The views of various scholars and representatives of libertarianism were studied and summarized — foreign (L. von Mises, A. Rand, F. von Hayek, D. Russell, S.E. Konkin, M. Rothbard, W. Block, F. Friedman, R. Nozick, M. Zvolinski, P. Wallentine) and domestic (S. Strykun, L.M. Pavkin, N.N. Ravochkin, M. Svetov*, M. Pozharsky).

Keywords: libertarianism, political philosophy, principles, anarcho-capitalism, minarchism, politics, philosophy, analysis.



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