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Digitalization and artificial intelligence in higher education (a social-philosophical opinion)

S.B. Shitov
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UDC 378-042.4:004

DOI 10.20339/AM.10-23.075  


Sergey B. Shitov, Dr. Sci (Philosophy), Docent, Professor of Department of Philosophy and Social management at Moscow State University of Technology “STANKIN”, e-mail:


The purpose of this article is to analyze digitalization and artificial intelligence in higher education. The digital educational space is aimed at the development of creative thinking and creativity, the ability to make non-standard decisions and the education of a moral personality, socially responsible young professionals. The introduction of artificial intelligence into the educational process significantly changes the conditions and nature of its implementation. Artificial intelligence is able to analyze a large amount of data in real time, track human progress, automatically provide new materials, meet the needs of students in continuous learning, which contributes to the organization of a highly effective, personalized educational process.

Keywords: digitalization, artificial intelligence, higher education.



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