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Preservation of historical memory is the most important factor in strengthening national identity

Р.С. Колокольчикова, A.P. Pogorely
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UDC 177


Rimma S. Kolokolchikova, Dr. Sci. (History), Docent, Professor of the Department of History and Philosophy at Cherepovets State University; Associate Professor of the Department of Military and Political Work in the Military (forces) at Cherepovets Military University of Radio Electronics, e-mail:

Alexander P. Pogorely, Cand. Sci. (Philosophy), Docent, Head of the Department of Military-Political Work in the Troops (Forces) at Cherepovets Military University of Radio Electronics, e-mail:


The article examines the main factors aimed at destroying the historical memory associated with the Soviet period of the history of our multinational Fatherland; the identification split in the post-Soviet space is revealed, which led to a civil confrontation in Ukraine and, as a result, the beginning of a special military operation.

Keywords: historical memory, mental war, revision of national history, mythologization of history, reformatting of historical memory, patriotism, preservation of historical memory.




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