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Between the Past and the Future: the topic of the philosopher’s untimeness in the World

A.V. Usachev
80,00 Р

UDC 101


Alexander V. Usachev, Dr. Sci. (Philosophy), Docent, Professor of Department of Philosophy, Social Sciences and Journalism at Bunin Yelets State University, YelSU, e-mail:


The article aims to analytically recognize the essence of philosophical existence, which, with a careful look, reveals such a quality as the untimely stay of a philosopher in the world. Numerous examples show that this quality is not exceptional, but belongs to the whole philosophy, no matter what schools or continents were discussed. The problem posed in existentialism is, in fact, initially characteristic of philosophical creativity, as evidenced by many texts of classical and modern philosophers. Untimeness has such accompanying qualities as misunderstanding, lack of attention to thoughts and prophecies, as well as to analytical conclusions. The article states that the untimeness is characteristic of philosophical voices in both Russian and Western European philosophy, on which the main emphasis is placed. Philosophy enters into a dialogue with those who think about the fate of the world and its essential qualities. In particular, the work stops at the fact that this feature of philosophy is not negative, but positive, because we are talking about spiritual freedom and a certain form of independence from time and localization in space.

Keywords: philosophy, existentialism, time, space, untimeness, project, subject, object, cognition, comprehension.