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A University Museum as a Tool of Students’ Vocational Skills Formation

A.D. Popova
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Anna D. Popova, Doctor of History, Professor of the Ryazan State University named after S.A. Yesenin, e-mail:


The article analyzes the role of a university museum in the formation of students’ vocational skills. The author highlights that it is essential that students should solve pedagogical problems which are equivalent to those they will have to solve in real life. Applied tasks should be relevant and enable students to apply their professional knowledge in real-world environments. The article maintains that a university museum can help solve the aforementioned task. The author singles out a range of varied activities that enable students to accumulate sufficient applied experience: hosting excursions, providing master-classes on interactive museum software to schoolchildren, designing leaflets and display stands. Such activities enable students to gain initial vocational experiences and collect their portfolios which can later come in handy during the job-hunting process. To illustrate such activities, the article describes work of volunteer tour guides of the Time Machine team of Ryazan State University named for S. Yesenin, outlines the principles of their performance and the structure of the team.

Keywords: university museum, vocational skills, excursion, the Time Machine volunteer team, portfolio.



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