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Are the Russian Higher Educational Institutions Ready to Export Education?

A.R. Ganeev, N.A. Bulaeva, I.A. Ruban
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Alexey R. Ganeev, Ph.D. in Engineering Science, Vice President of Union “Professionals in the field of educational innovations”, e-mail:

Natalia A. Bulaeva, Ph.D. in Economics of Union “Professionals in the field of educational innovations”, e-mail:

Ivan A. Ruban, Director General at Verkont Service LLC, e-mail:


The article substantiates the necessity to hold regular research of the foreign students’ and trainees’ opinion about the degree of their satisfaction with the conditions of study in Russian higher educational institutions. The criteria to assess their satisfaction degree with the study conditions have been highlighted. The results of research held in 2021 have been provided, the main difficulties and issues the respondents are facing have been described. The organizational aspects of study in Russian higher educational institutions attracting foreign students have been defined. The issues of studies during the restrictive measures caused by COVID-19 have been raised, and the acceptable forms of educational process organization during the pandemic have been presented. The expressed proposals of the respondents to improve the conditions of the educational services provision have been systematized.

Key words: foreign students and trainees, satisfaction degree, study conditions, education in the Russian Federation, independent assessment of conditions quality to carry out educational activity, educational organizations of higher education.



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