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Education system in the Conditions of the Post-Coronavirus State of Society: Risk assessments and Development directions

Yu.M. Bolshakova, S.N. Bolshakov
80,00 Р



Yulia M. Bolshakova, Dr. of Philosophy (PhD), Candidate of Political Science, Professor of the RAE, Principal Researcher at Institute of Childhood, Family and Upbringing Studies, RAO

Sergei N. Bolshakov, Dr. Sc. (Pedagogy), Dr. Sc. (Economics), Vice Rector Pushkin Leningrad State University, e-mail:


The article analyzes the strategic tasks of the higher education system in a pandemic. The limited conditions of development of the system of professional and higher education are revealed, the factors influencing the decision of students to choose the place of study are revealed. The influence of the coronavirus pandemic on the choice of the form of education and the active use of online learning technologies is analyzed. On the example of the countries of Northern Europe and the Baltic sociological data on the influence of distance learning technologies on the quality are given.

Key words: higher education, education technologies, distance learning.


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