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On the advantages of traditional forms of teaching professional disciplines in the subject area “Embedded Systems”

A.E. Vasiliev, А.В. Вегнер, А.С. Доценко, В.А. Карпенко, Д.Е. Коренченкова.
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Alexei E.Vassiliev, Dr. Sci. (Engineering), Docent, Chief of Department at Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University, e-mail:

Anton V. Vegner, Assistant at Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University, e-mail:

Anastasia S. Dotsenko, Assistant at Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University, e-mail:

Victoria A. Karpenko, Assistant at Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University, e-mail:

Daria E. Korenchenkova, Teacher at Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University, e-mail:


The article examines the features of the educational process in the subject area “Embedded systems” for contact and distance learning, identifies the main limitations, compares the indicators of the results of mastering the programs of special disciplines.

Key words: embedded systems, special disciplines, distance learning, contact training, the degree of formation of knowledge, skills and abilities.




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